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Utility Presets

These utility presets for Lightroom 6 makes your workflow much easier and will save you al lot of time.
Dust Curve (Lightroom 6 Preset)

Dust Curve (Lightroom 6 Preset)

Dust Curve

This is a set of 2 presets. The first preset, called Dust-Curve gives you a very funky effect, due to the bumpy curve. But with this effect applied you can easily find the spots of dust sensor on your pictures. Once located, use the Spot Removal tool to repair the dust spots. After repairing all the spots, apply the preset called Dust Curve RESET. This will reset the funky curve. But your healed spots will stay repaired. Make this combination of presets the first post-processing preset in your workflow, to identify all the dust spots in your pictures.
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